Web Application Penetration Testing - WAP


Web application penetration testing also follows the same general principals as an internal or external network penetration test. Our web application penetration test will provide you with a better understanding of potential vulnerabilities and accessibility of the target application. Our testing does include the use of automated software. However, software of our own creation and manual procedures and attacks are used to thoroughly test and review your application. E3 will use the OWASP testingmethodology. Through this process the application’s security model itself will be effectively evaluated.

Testing objectives

Testing attempts to determine if the application’s security measures work effectively.

  1. Testing will attempt to identify any weaknesses in the application setup and configuration that can be exploited

  2. Testing will further identify if any application security weaknesses exist and provide recommendations for repair.

  3. Utilizing the OWASP methodology for conducting web application penetration tests can be summarized as follows:

    • Information Gathering

    • Business Logic Testing

    • Authentication Testing

    • Session Management Testing

    • Data Validation Testing

    • Denial of Service Testing

    • Web Services Testing

    • AJAX Testing (if applicable)

    • Report writing and follow up

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