E3 team has trusted experience in multiple industries.


Security Services

Balancing risk while giving members the best experience is always challenging. From compliance needs to in depth technical testing, E3 understands credit union's unique security environments. E3 has specialized in 3rd party controls reviews for more than 17 years.


Security Services

 In the fast paced world of healthcare keeping a reliable infrastructure on pace with regulatory requirements while trying to prevent security or privacy breaches is tough. E3 is certified in HIPAA compliance and can help your organization navigate this landscape.

Security Services

Most financial institutions have a mature understanding of the FFIEC and state regulatory requirements but often struggle in how to maintain or exceed requirements while maintaining technical security controls that prevent and detect against today's cyber security threats.


Security Services

From NIST Cyber Security to the NIST 800-53 E3 works with local, state and Federal government agencies to achieve the required security level they need. Whether you are government agency or a firm that works with governmental groups we can help you achieve your compliance and security goals

Security Services

Whether you need to have your in house applications tested or conduct penetration testing, E3 understands that the competitive retail environment is laced with a myriad of technical security challenges. Need to prepare for an upcoming PCI-DSS assessment?

Security Services

E3 has worked with several utilities over the years to attain adherence to governmental standards for utilities. Standards required by FERC can be difficult to reach. We have the expertise and experience to guide your organization through the maze of cyber security requirements.


Every organization has risk. Every organization has a different risk tolerance. Most organizations are required by state or federal law to have controls in place to minimize and manage risk. E3 believe’s that information security is continuous cycle of assessment and improvement that should be ingrained across all disciplines in any organization.


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Comprehensive Security Approach


Our philosophy is that information security is a process continuum not a product or products. Security within a company is unique to that individual organization. What works for one business may not work for another for many reasons, such as customer base, location, size and risk appetite.


An organization cannot achieve effective risk management without support from the top.  Organizational leadership must understand what elements of its business are at risk. Once those risks are understood organizations can implement or modify a security program that continually works to govern practices in a way that allow the organization to thrive while providing quality services or products.

We help organization understand the building blocks to providing businesses with a comprehensive security program



During the course of any engagement E3 will assign project oversight to facilitate and communicate throughout the life-cycle of the project.

Upon completion of of any controls testing E3 will provide a detailed report. The report will provide a high level executive summary along with identified risks and risk ranking. Technical controls reviews will include detail about identified vulnerabilities, successful exploitation and data ex-filtration. E3 will also give recommendations for remediation of vulnerabilities or suggested compensating or mitigating controls.

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