Our technical controls review can be a bundle of any individual service. By combining multiple service offerings into a single controls review clients can save on the costs of multiple assessments in the future. Not sure what services you need? Our experienced sales staff can help.

Internal Vulnerability Assessment - (IVA)

Our technical vulnerability assessment provides your organization with a clear understanding of technical risks present on your internal network. Many organizations face a number of threats from internal sources including disgruntled, careless, or bored employees. Or threats that originate from external sources that exploit weaknesses in internal network controls such as weak, poor or misconfigured systems and applications.

External Vulnerability Assessment - (EVA)

Our External Vulnerability Assessment provides your organization with an understanding of the risks present on your systems with an Internet presence. External threats are those posed by external sources such as hackers, virus, and trojans to your systems that are accessible via the internet. Typical systems include firewalls, routers, VPN concentrators, web sites, email, and domain name servers. Testing will enumerate vulnerabilities and identify possible threats that the vulnerabilities pose.

Active Directory Security Review - (ADSR)

In most organizations Windows Active Directory is foundational security control. Surprisingly many companies never bother to check if their AD environments are properly hardened. Frequently security feature that can be enabled by security groups, file share permissions, group and local policy are missing or inadequate. Our review focuses on how the organization uses AD security and how it compares to recommended best practices.

Password Strength Review - (PSR)

Are your password policies sufficient? Is it possible for a malicious hacker or insider to compromise passwords for sensitive systems or other users? We can perform testing to determine if your systems passwords are appropriate and adequately hardened against common attacks.

Wireless Network Assessment - (WNA)

Wireless networks by their very nature are accessible without needing physical access. Has your organized properly hardened its wireless environment? Have you checked for unauthorized Wi-Fi access points on your environment. Our wireless network assessment focuses on the appropriate security hardening mechanisms that should be employed and tests whether they are configured properly.